The secret of life

While I’m writing this post I’m having my debut as a couchsurfing host, so I’m really used to speak in english and I don’t want to lose this opportunity to practice once again my writing skills.

As I told you before in another post, I’m receiving in my e-mail every day an inspiring cartoon from Gapingvoid Art which helps me with my day to day life at work, for instance.

Yesterday I received a cartoon that kept me thinking, and it is this:


And this is what appeared after it:

Are you creating or destroying?  Do people feel happier, enlightened, exuberant after interacting with you?
One of the most beautiful things about life is simply having the opportunity of uplifting others; leaving a wake of vigor, warmth, love and happiness…exuberance. 
Most people don’t think about the beauty they can create simply through interacting with others.
They just exist.
It’s your choice. 

It was mindblowing because it’s how I felt when I was in Bath, staying at Anu’s home. She inspired me a lot, and after a few minutes of talk I felt strong, happier and enlightened. And now I’m in almost the same situation but as a host, so I hope I can make my guest fell like I felt in Bath, because it was awesome!

It’s really impressive how people with different backgrounds can connect, interact and find things in common. Holly (my guest) is from USA, she has a different family than mine, she’s also older than me, and all in all we found things to talk about, from girly talk to more serious stuff.

I allowed her to stay at my home without references, just hoping that everything would work out, and she asked me why I did that. I answered her that I want to trust people, I don’t want to be afraid of everything and I know for sure that there are more good people in the world and we just don’t get to know them because the bad ones have more publicity.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m an innocent girl who thinks better of the world than what it deserves, but I have had so many good experiences when I was abroad thanks to people that didn’t know me at all and helped me just because they trusted in me, that I know that there’s still hope for mankind.

I love to meet new people, I like to share thoughts about different kind of things with people that maybe don’t think the same as I do but they can show me their point of view and we can discuss it. It’s so bad that currently here in Argentina we cannot think differently because if we do we can lose friendships or be badly tagged for certain places. I really don’t like this dichotomy that Argentina has become, because we’re not allowed to discuss and it seems that we have to fight. It’s not a bad thing to fight for your ideals, but sometimes you just have to be able to open your mind to a different set of thoughts.

That’s where I think that this «create more life» has sense, because we should be able to improve ourselves by creating, by sharing, by giving something to the world that is not related with money but with art. I’m utterly convinced that art is one of the most powerful things that we have to use against bad thoughts, bad manners, bad days. I won’t use art as a weapon, but I think it has almost the same power because you can fight the bad part of our world with it, we can criticize with art, we can protest with art, we can win battles with art, and we can change minds with it.

By creating we can change the world for the better, and that’s a wonderful thing that all of us can do, because art it’s not a snob thing, art is accessible for everyone who wants to be enlightened by it. If you can’t sing you can paint, if you can’t paint you can write, if you can’t write you can act, if you can’t act you can read, if you can’t read you can take pictures, and if you can’t take pictures you can go out of your comfort zone by doing something that is totally different and new for you. Because that, my dear reader, is also art.

Art is not only a painting, art is a way of life. 

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