Oh what a night!

I know what you’re thinking, «this girl is trying again to write in english, why?!», and yes, here I am, trying once again to develop my writing skills by proving the world that I actually can do it. And today I’m going to write about something that maybe you know, but I always enjoy to say again: I loved Jersey Boys!


I saw it twice and I think that this musical is a must see show while you are in London because the current cast is amazing. Yes, I’m not exaggerating, they totally are! I already wrote what I think about the musical here so I’m not going to rewrite it again (sorry if you don’t know spanish), now I’m going to concentrate myself in what happened to me when I saw this musical for the first time, my story with it and what happened the last time I saw it.

I first knew about Jersey Boys a few years ago, when I was still in high school. I don’t remember exactly how, but the CD dropped in my hands and I fell in love with the music. I didn’t know who was the performer of each song, I only could recognise John Lloyd Young’s voice and you may know why. So I didn’t know who was the performer of Oh what a night and Cry for me, my favourite songs, until I saw the show last May. I didn’t know the story, what happened, how it developed, I didn’t know anything until that 23rd May.

The first time I saw the show I was a little bit worried about the cast, I didn’t want them to sound so british because that was a story about people from Jersey, not London. I was worried about them because of course I didn’t know them. For me their names were nothing because my knowledge about West End performers was really poor, but I left all my fears behind and I was decided to enjoy. I knew they were going to be good, if not they would not be starring in London in one of the most award winning musicals…

So there I was, next to a woman who told me that it was her second time. I thought she was crazy but I didn’t know what was about to happen to me! I knew the songs but not the story, so it was weird for me to finally get to know what’s going on. When Tommy appeard it was like he took my hand to let me be inside the story, I felt like Alice falling into the hole to discover a new magical world.


In that moment I forgot that I was from Argentina, that I had to return to my country, that my name is Ayalén and that I am a PR. I forgot my whole life because I was a part of theirs, now I was a witness of their story. Crazy, don’t you think? But true. And if Tommy took my hand, Frankie tied my hands and feet with his voice. I couldn’t move, truly, I was totally concentrated in what was happening on stage as if I was watching my own life.

Nick was really tall, I didn’t expect him to be like that, I don’t remember how I imagined him before, but he was certainly not what I expected (he was better), but the best was yet to come. Where was Bob? I wondered, and then he appeared. He was like a kid but of course he was not, and after a few dialogues there it was one of my favourite songs performed by him. I started to cry (he asked «cry for me» so I did XD), and in that moment when I saw how the group started I believed that I was there, seeing what I wanted to see for years, and I felt really blessed to have the privilege to see those four guys performing as those other four guys.

A lot of things came to my mind, but the most important was «I want to be there, I want it so badly» and there, when it all finished, I decided to make true one of my most beloved dreams. My whole life I wanted to be a performer, I took another way but I’m still young enough to start again and follow what I want, what I really really want. Those four guys helped me with the most important question that I had before that show «are you doing what you love?», and they gave me the answer that I was not brave enough to face. I was not doing what I love, and I did nothing to change it.

When the first act finished I was crying so much, I jumped off my seat and I went to buy a program to know the names of those four genius. Frankie was Michael Watson, Tommy was Jon Boydon, Nick was Matt Nalton and Bob was Edd Post. After the first act I realized that my favourite character was Bob, because he sings my favourite songs and he is so adorable! I hated and loved Tommy, I thought that Nick was a little bit underrated and I wanted to cuddle Frankie for being so talented and responsible.

Oh what a night!
Oh what a night!

I thought it then and I think it now, those four guys are the perfect cast that this musical could ever have. You can feel the chemistry between them, you can see them as a group, you can feel the friendship between Frankie and Bob, the respect that this last feels for Frankie, the struggle that they feel because of Tommy’s acts, the pressure of Nick because he wants to run his own group as he realizes that he’s the Ringo of this. This story can be seen as something not so complicated or as something really complex, you can take it as you like. I want to see it as something complex, because it’s not easy to perform the life of a person who is real, his thoughts and feelings, and recreate a real story when you’re not a part of it.

Michael, Jon, Matt and Edd are amazing, marvelous, fantastic, and so many other positive adjectives. They take your hands and transport you to the story, and you can be part of it not only as a member of the audience but as a witness of their lives. I don’t know if they are aware of what they can do to the people, but they had the power to make me return to my dreams, to rediscover them, and that is invaluable.

When the show finished I got lost and I had to return to the theatre to look again at my map and find my way home. I saw so many people coming out of a door and then I realized that it was the stage door. I found my way home and I was decided to come back again to say goodbye to the show, or I want to think about a «see you later» kind of thing. So a few days before my trip I went to the theatre and I told the woman in the ticket office that I wanted a ticket to see that cast again. She was so lovely and asked me if I enjoyed it the first time, of course I did! I had got my ticket to the front row and I walked out happy.

I spent my last pounds on that show gladly, with no regrets, and I enjoyed it so much! It was the first time I ever saw a show in the front row so I was really happy for that! Next to me I had a couple that came from Wales to see it, the man was the musicals’ fan, but the woman was in love with Frankie Valli, so we were like «the crazy people from CC». We sang, we danced, the man bought me a glass of beer and we were really happy. We talked a lot and they encouraged me to pursue my artistic way without looking back. I don’t know their names but I enjoyed that time with them, and the show was even better than the first time I saw it!


How was it possible to be better?! But it was, and I cried so much that I had to clear my eyes from time to time to be able to see. I had a knot in my throat because I was very excited to be there, saying goodbye to my favourite show after Phantom. When I heard for the last time Oh what a night I was crying so much that if Edd was able to see me, I think that he would say «what is wrong with her?», it was supposed to be a funny scene and I was crying! But you know what happens when emotion wins the fight.

After the show, I saw Edd at the pub’s door (next to the theatre there’s a pub) and I asked him for a picture. He was so nice, a really kind man, and I went to the Apollo Victoria even happier because sometimes actors can be rude with people and he was not. I had no time to thank personally each one of them, I missed the picture with the four, and I don’t know when but I’m going to have it! I had to go to the other theatre to fetch my friend that is working there, so I had to run but with the joy of a time well spent.

If I ever have the possibility I would like to say it personally, but if not I want those four guys to know how important they were for me and my career. I would like to cuddle them and say thank you thank you thank you, like a little girl when she gets a present. I want them to be happy, I want them to have every dream role they want, and I want them to experience the same joy that I had watching them perform. Artists like them, that can actually change your life, are something unique. And don’t worry, I’m not going to cuddle anyone because they’re british and I’m really shy.

Now you, beautiful person, go to London and buy a ticket to see Jersey Boys. Trust me, you will not regret, instead, you’re going to thank me for that!

All the pictures were taken from the official website of the show.

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