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I decided to write this post in english mainly because I don’t want my mother to read it. It’s nothing wrong with what I’m going to say but… I’m just shy about it. I don’t like to talk about men with her, that’s a topic that I prefer to discuss with my friends or with you, my fellow readers.


A few weeks ago was my nephew’s birthday and we celebrated it at his godfather’s house. His godfather is one of my brother’s best friends, and they know each other since long time ago. Now they both are married and I’m the only single in the family. That’s not bad until you’re surrounded by three couples with children and you’re the only one in love with your dreams.

Yes, I do want to settle down but definetely not now. As a Jane Austen’s fan I want romance for my life, I want to meet Mr. Darcy and live my own love story, but nowadays that’s a little bit complicated as everyone is concerned about their careers or having fun with friends, which is not something bad at all (in fact I think really much about my career and of course that I enjoy to spend time with my friends) but… you know, sometimes I feel that I need a special other.

It’s quite difficult for me to find the right person, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be now with the man of my life, but I want to spend time, share thoughts, enjoy meals and movies with someone else than just me. I love to be alone, but sometimes I want more, even more than a friend. And the problem is: I’m a weird person, I don’t like what most of the people of my age like, I don’t enjoy clubs but a coffee shop with good music and, of course, good coffee. I prefer to spend time with my friends having an interesting conversation than flirt with a stranger who is certainly drunk.

I want someone who shares with me the passion for travelling, a person who is eager to explore the world, who enjoys taking pictures and loves books as much as his life. I don’t care if that person is a professional or not, now I just don’t think about it; the only thing that I want is someone with dreams, a job and a future. I love talking about the future, even though I really don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or next year.

I’m a daydreamer, and I want someone like me but a little bit more down to earth. I’m a singer, so if that special other is a musician or a singer too that would be fantastic but is so much to ask for. I don’t want to be shushed, in any sense. I want someone who shares the taste for old music (60s, 70s, 80s) and the most important: I want to learn something from that person, his opinions, his passions, his dreams, his knowledge about a certain field.

John Lennon said in a song «You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one», well that’s true… at least in this matter. Most of my friends are challenging problems with their boyfriends or want to start a relationship but from the other side everything is a problem. I mean… what’s going on with you guys?! Good girls, smart girls, interesting girls, all alone because someone is just not into them. I don’t understand why. I want to think that is something that is happening with my generation, but that would be sad.

It’s really difficult for guys to commit. When they see that the relationship is getting a little bit more serious they run away. And I’m not talking about just a case, I’ve heard about so many that my fingers are not enough to count them.

It has something to do with the new way of communication? Is social media the cause of so many tears? Do we (women) deserve this? Sometimes I wonder why smart and beautiful women are alone while Barbie projects have their love kneeling for them and they cheat and hurt those poor guys. Is just not fair.

As a personal testimony, I want to tell that last week I created an account in Badoo. I was told by a colleague that it was a good way to look for a date if you don’t like to go out. I wanted to experiencie what it would be, obviously knowing that most of the people would be looking just for sex and that’s not what I want (not at least to start a relationship).

I met a guy, nice person but so slow to talk and with no prospects with his life. So many words and nothing in between, I just got bored. It was certainly not what I was looking for, not in terms of romance, so I quit. Badoo (or any online device) is not the place where I’m going to find a soulmate.

When I was younger I used to dream about meeting my love in a bookstore. Notting Hill they say? Yes, sure! There are some days in which I’m looking everywhere just wondering if my future is near, and then I go back to reality. With one of my friends we have a current question «Who will be our husbands?». Who knows…

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