How do I say I love you?

When I saw this video for the first time I thought that I never ever in my life want to be such a masochist as that girl. Asking your friend (I think we was playing her friend) to practice on you his speech of love to another girl while you are dying inside because his words are not actually for you… Why does she do that?!

And then I thought that I can perfectly be her, and I can put in his place several guys that where on the “friend zone” and nothing ever happend. Sometimes we (women) are so stupid, thinking that if he pronounces words of love looking at us he’s going to fall in love with us and forget the other. Why don’t we think reasonably?

But is not all our fault. Why guys do that?! Why do they make their declaration of love to you while they’re thinking about another woman?! That’s rude! Do they think? Can they imagine that they’re hurting a heart? How can’t they notice that the person that is supposed to be their friend doesn’t want to be just a friend?

Poor thing, he asks her “you’d do that for me?” and I would like to stop the video and say “of couse is not for you, is for her, she wants you to tell her that you love her even though you’re not thinking about her”. And then he says “you’re amazing”. WHY?! Yes she is, but unfortunately you’re in love with another girl and you’re going to lose that “amazing” person. And why is she amazing? Because she loves you and your more blind than Stevie Wonder.

I know, I know, it’s just a video, they’re just singers, that’s just a song, but it represent so perfectly how stupid we girls can be that is like the movie “He’s just not that into you”. All the girls of the world should see that movie and this video and learn how to be smart, have self-esteem, and love a friend as a friend and a man as a man.

If you feel something more for your friend and you’re not brave enough to tell him, PLEASE don’t do this. Don’t ask him to practice on you his love speech to another, it’s not fair. And he’s not smart enough to see that you love him so he’s going to hurt you accidentally.

Never ever fall in love with characters, trust me, Mr. Darcy doesn’t exists. I went to Bath to meet him but they told me that he was gone. And take this advice: if you ever go to London prepare yourself to fall in love in every corner, but don’t expect them to talk to you unless it’s 6 pm and they have a beer in their hands 😉



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